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Smart Girlies.

The rating community for intelligent girls.

Smart Girls
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Looking for a rating community that rates based on intelligence, not looks? This is the place for you. :D First five applicants auto-accepted, provided you don't TyPe LiKe ThIs. I'm also looking for someone to help with layouts and banners.

1. Be at least civil to the mod and other members. You're allowed to disagree on something and we don't expect you to be buddy-buddy with everyone in the community, but we do expect you to be able to carry on a conversation without it turning into World War III.
2. When rating applicants, don't just give someone a yes or a no. Explain WHY you voted how you did.
3. When filling out an application, make the questions and answers look different somehow. Bold/Italize/Underscore the questions, or change the colors, or whatever. Just make them look different somehow. Failing to do this won't automatically get you banned, but still, it's polite because it makes your app easier to read.
4. When rating applicants, be honest and don't sugarcoat -- but don't be overly harsh or intentionally mean, either.
5. You must be at least 14 years or older to apply.
6. No boys! Sorry, guys. This is a community for girls.
7. When you post as an accepted member, put either "accepted" or "stamped" in your subject line so that we know not to rate you.
8. Promote, promote, promote! Okay, this isn't an actual rule and nobody will force you to promote this community once you've been accepted. Still... it'd be reeeally nice of you. :D
9. Accepted members may promote communities here. But nothing obsence/hateful/pornographic, though that probably goes without saying.
10. When applying, put, "I'm sexy AND smart!" as your subject line so that we know you read the rules. Failure to do so is an automatic rejection.
11. Please put your application behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how, check the FAQ.
12. If you get rejected, you're free to reapply as many times as you like; however, you must wait at least one week every time. Failure to follow this rule will result in banning.

1) Name/Nickname:
2) Age:
3) Location:
4) Sexual Orientation:
5) Religion, if any:
6) Political affiliation, if any:

7) Favorite Book(s):
8) Favorite Author(s):
9) Favorite Movie(s):
10) Favorite Television Show(s):
11) Favorite Song(s):
12) Favorite Bands/Artists:
13) Favorite Food:
14) Favorite Color:

15) What is your opinion on...(choose at least 3, no more than 5)
Partisan politics?
Organized religion?
Body piercing?
Online dating?
Long-distance relationships?
Seatbelt laws?
The death penalty?
Premarital sex?
Life after death?
Animal rights?

16) Can a straight guy and a straight girl ever be "just friends?"

17) What's the rockingest song of all time? Not best, rockingest.

18) How far have you gone in school? How far do you intend to go?

19) Do you consider yourself intelligent? Do you think other people consider you intelligent?

20) Have you ever pretended to be dumb or shallow for any reason? Have you ever played dumb to get attention from a boy (if you're straight) or a girl (if you're not)? Did it work?

21) Promote us in at least one community and provide a link.

See? All there is to it. Rather painless, don't you think? ;) If you want to post pictures, you can -- but you don't have to.

BANNERS (donations always welcome!)



(Donated by drama_qu3en274)


Mod: crosseyed___
Accepted Members: punkisnt_h8te, drama_qu3en274
Rejected Members: